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      Yes. I think it does. I dont want to make unpleasantness.

      Keeling forced his mind away from the sound that came from next door, and looked at the map that the agent had spread out. But the purchase did not appeal to him.Thank you so much, Mr Keeling, she said.{127} I shall be delighted to let you have the block if you feel like that about it. I will bring it back with me to-morrow, shall I?

      John! said his mother.If you only want to contradict me, she said, you can do it by yourself, Thomas. Im not going to answer you. That rude girl came in here

      Oh, that, she said. Dear Julia; I hope we shall be great friends again, when I come back from Brighton. I shall be very glad to, I am sure.Keeling nodded to Charles.{94}


      Again he laughed.


      Lord Inverbroom lives near, does he not? she asked. Thats a wonderful library. Is the public allowed to see it? I suppose not. I would not trust Charles within arms length of a Caxton if I had one.Yes, and me the Lady Mayoress, she said. Why, Im ever so nervous even now in the thinking of all the grand parties I shall have to give. And the hospital will be finished next year too, and what a to-do we shall have over that. And what do you say now, Mamma, to having your cup of coffee in my boudoir quietly with Alice and me, leaving the gentlemen to have a cigarette.


      Well, then, you may have your own way, and be crowed over by Mrs Fyson, since you prefer that to being taken care of by me.Despite his fifty years, and the hard dry business atmosphere of his life, there was something amazingly boyish in the inward agitation{156} in which Keeling, arriving ten minutes before his time at his office next morning, awaited Norahs coming. His midnight excursion, dictated by some imperative necessity from within had, even if it was not a new stage in his emotional history, revealed a chapter already written but not yet read by him. He expected too, quite irrationally, that some corresponding illumination must have come to the girl, that she, like himself, must have progressed along a similar stage. He pictured himself telling her how he had left his house in order to have the satisfaction of seeing her lit window; he had a humorous word to say about the state of his dress shoes (in place of which he must not forget to order a pair from the boot and shoe department this morning). He could see her smile with eyes and mouth in answer to his youthful confession, as she always smiled when, as often happened now, some small mutual understanding flitted to and fro between them, and could easily imagine the tone of her reply, Oh, but how dreadfully foolish of you, Mr Keeling. You want to be laid up too, like Charles. She would not say more than that, but there would be that glimmer of comprehension, of acceptance, that showed she had some share in the adventure, that she allowed it, looked on it with the kind eye of a friend.